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Eswareeyam construction has started with a mission to provide appropriate solutions for your requirements and help you to shape your dreams Environmentally responsive building design and sustainable practice in construction are the features of our designs. We put all our sincere efforts to make our each project different from others. Genuine projects are always admired and respected, that is what we are striving for.

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Our New projects

19, Oct ,2015

Our new projects are building house of (1) Sri Riyas AL Jaseera hotel kunnicode(2)Kamar and Mumthaz Pachilavalavu (3) Siddik Kuzhivilayil veedu(4)Deepak Surendran Dhanwanthiri Kunnicode(5) Sajeev Raj Medicals Karaniyil-6-Nisam and Amina Muttakkavu 7-Unnikrishnapillai and Pushpavally Thalavoor We are proud that we are HIGHLY CAREFUL AND TECHNICALLY ELEGANT IN FULFILLING THE DREAM HOMES OF OUR RESPECTED CUSTOMERS WITH TOPMOST QUALITY AND LOWEST EVER RATE MANAGING PARTNER ESWAREEYAM CONSTRUCTIONS kUNNICODE

New trends in Low cost Housing

13, Jun ,2015

Areas from where cost can be reduced inLow Cost Housing by our Firm are:- 1) Reduce plinth area by using thinner wall concept.Ex.15 cms thick solid concrete block wall. 2) Use locally available material in an innovative form like soil cement blocks in place of burnt brick. 3) Use energy efficiency materials which consumes less energy like concrete block in place of burnt brick. 4) Use environmentally friendly materials which are substitute for conventional building components like use R.C.C. Door and window frames in place of wooden frames. 5) Preplan every component of a house and rationalize the design procedure for reducing the size of the component in the building. 6) By planning each and every component of a house the wastage of materials due to demolition of the unplanned component of the house can be avoided. 7) Each component of the house shall be checked whether if it’s necessary, if it is not necessary, then that component should not be used.


22, Mar ,2015

വാസ്തു ശാസ്ത്ര പ്രകാരം എട്ട് ദിക്കുകളാണല്ലോ ഉള്ളത്. അതില്‍ അഗ്നി ദിക്ക് അഥവാ അഗ്നി കോണ് എന്ന പേരില്‍ അറിയപ്പെടുന്നത് തെക്കു കിഴക്ക് ദിക്കാണ്. വാസ്തു വിശ്വാസ പ്രകാരം ഈ ദിക്കിന്റെ അധിപന്‍ അഗ്നി ദേവനാണ്. രണ്ട് ശിരസ്സുകളും രണ്ട് കൈകളും നാല് ചെവികളും മൂന്ന് കാലുകളും ഏഴ് നാവുകളുമുണ്ട് എന്നാണ് സങ്കല്‍പ്പം. ‘കുടിലംഗന്‍’ അഥവാ നടത്തത്തില്‍ വൈകല്യമുള്ള അഗ്നി ദേവന്റെ

Vasthu tips for prosperity

22, Feb ,2015

To yield good results and prosperity, follow Vastu tips: • To attain prosperity in house it is advisable to determine your entrance or frontdoor direction that has to be according to Vastu because all positive energyarrives from here. • Ideal direction for entrance is East or North and ensure than front entrance or door is not obstructed by irrelevant thing such as pole, wire, vehicle or pit. • Under-water tank is ideally constructed in North-east direction and avoid any under water tank or septic tank in other corners or directions. • Over-head tank should be made in South-west direction in order to balance the energies surrounding the house and to ward off stress. • Master bedroom is advisable in South-west direction. • Kitchen should ideally be constructed in South-East direction.

Vasthu tips

17, Feb ,2015

Our Works are strictly done through the great angle of Vasthu sasthra. A competernt team of vasthu Engineer, architects are always here to analyse the work in all aspects


01, Feb ,2015

We are working with projects in kollam and pathanamthitta districts. We proudly announces that we are commpleting at tremendous pace by the company. The company assures"TOPMOST QUALITY,ULTIMATE TECHNOLOGY@LOWEST EVER RATE TO full fill Your "DREAM HOME" MANGING PARTNER AJITH ARAMPUNNA


House of Sri. Jose Philip(Kottarakkara Sunny) KSEB

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shanavas kunnicode

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KN Zakeer Hussain KSEB Kottarakkara

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House of Sri Najumudin Kunju Kunnicode

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